Surfing Lessons

+/- Shortboard, Longboard, tandem and bodyboard

Montalivet Surf Club

Whether you have never touched a surfboard or are experienced but ready to move to the next level, whether you would like to learn to longboard, shortboard, tandem surf or bodyboard, we have the instructors you need. All our lessons include board, wetsuit, insurance, warm up session, coached and supervised practice sessions and surf action.

We specialize in knowing each individual is unique - "different stoke for different folk". Whether you are looking to improve your riding skill level or need a refresher lesson, we have the ideal FFSS Instructor for you. Private lessons are individually suited to your capabilities, enabling you to learn faster and more thoroughly, without any restrictions.

Try the Monta Surf School of South Beach, Montalivet for lessons, advice and instruction - the surf school of Montalivet in France : Have fun learning with us..

Montalivet Surf Montalivet Surf School Montalivet Surf School

+/- Group Lessons (6+)

MontaSurfSchool - Group surf lessons

Are you looking for a sporting activity while in Montalivet? The Monta Surf School with its 100% security record is the ideal place for you to take surfing lessons while in the Aquitaine region of France.

The Montasurfschool is the dynamic surf school surf based in the village of Montalivet. Surf has been a part of this area for half a century, and our aim is to provide you with the best possible introduction to surfing, or the professional instruction necessary to progress your developing skills.

+/- Family lessons

MontaSurfSchool - Family surf lessons

If you are a beginner looking to take your first wave or confirmed surfers looking for perfectionment you will find the nationally qualified instructors of the Monta Surf School of Montalivet able to instruct you safety in the sport of surfing in the Aquitaine region of France.

At the MontaSurfSchool we provide instruction packages, surf lessons, and surf coaching for all ages and abilities in a secure environment with professional instructors in Montalivet on the Aquitaine coast of South West France.

+/- Individual / Private lessons

MontaSurfSchool - Individual surf lessons

Whatever your level of experience, from first day beginner, to competition training, we can and will ensure that your time in the water is well spent, and that you get maximum enjoyment from your time with us.

Montalivet is located in the north of the Gironde which is one of France's most popular surf areas. The Montasurfschool of surfing was established in 2001 to fill the need in Montalivet for qualified surfing instructors for men women and children.

+/- Terms and conditions

MontaSurfSchool - Individual surf lessons

1. All lessons cancelled by the school will be rerun or refunded.
2. All cancellations must be made 48 hrs before the start of the lesson.
3. All "noshows" will not be refunded.

- For your Safety:
1. You must be in good health to take your first waves.
2. You may be asked for a medical certificate.
3. You should be able to swim 50 meters from a diving start.

- Payment:
The total payment of the lesson or course must be made at the time of the reservation.